The works here represent a range of artistic styles. Most of my original artwork can be found in the Main Gallery. Other individual projects are listed separately, including the Hobby Astrophotography gallery, and various film and video projects.

Art Galleries

Main Gallery - Find most of my artwork here, in my gallery. Includes stylized art photography, traditional photography, matte paintings, and more.

Hobby Astrophotography - Photography of the night sky. I decided to keep this separate from the main gallery, given that I approach it slightly differently: with both artistic and scientific eyes.

Film and Video

Wandering in Autumn - Short abstract film made in late 2009 / early 2010.

George and the Steam Dragon - Thirty second trailer-style animation created for CGSociety's Steampunk Myths & Legends CGChallenge.

The Lost Ninja - An early project done back in 2003. Full-length feature film. See page for details.